Our Mission

Improve Community Health Through Leadership, Education and Engagement

Our Vision

Working Together for a Healthy Community

Our Framework

The Grant County Community Health Improvement Coalition (CHIC) is focused on addressing health disparities to improve health and wellness in our community; recognizing the need for a trauma informed approach to inclusion, diversity and equity.  We work in close collaboration with organizations from all sectors of the community: government agencies, hospitals, the public school system, higher education, for-profit and non-profit businesses and providers of mental, somatic and oral health services.

Based on the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment, the coalition developed an action plan which identified top priorities, measurements and strategies for strengthening prevention, protective factors and risk reduction for citizens of Grant County.

Our Team

Katrina Randleas, MS

Program Supervisor

Families First Parent Center

Katrina Randleas serves as the board chair for the coalition. Katrina has been with Families First Parent Resource Center, a private non-profit who offers parenting education and support to strengthen family protective factors since 2012.

Didgette McCracken, MS

Program Supervisor


Didgette McCracken works throughout the county with her state team addressing needs in Career and College Access, Degree Completion, and Community and Economic Development.

Jessica Winegar, RN, BSN

Department Manager

Grant County Health Department

Jessica Winegar has been in the healthcare field for many years. While attending Blue Mountain Community College she obtained her LPN license in 2004 and then completed her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing in 2005 to become an RN. 

Shelia Comer

Grant County Community Member


Sheila Comer is a long-standing resident of Grant county and has been in the field of healthcare for many years. Her career as a dental assistant eventually led her to her a 6- year role in public health.

Debi Hueckman

Community Development Coordinator

Department of Human Services

Debi Hueckman has been working in community and resource development and managing the Oregon Department of Human Services Volunteer Program since 1993.  

Our Shared Agenda


Promote awareness about community health


Measure resilience with a shared tool to increase impact


Collaborate with partners to better our community


Connect our community to resources, training opportunities and each other


Advocate for changes in policies and practices

Tracking System

We want to track our success

Stay in Touch

 Email: grantcountychic@gmail.com