Local Resources

Our contacts

Community Counseling Solutions: 541-575-1644

Grant County Veterans Services: 541-575-1644

Freedom From Smoking Program: 541-575-0629

Alcoholics Anonymous

                    Outlaw Group: 541-932-4844

                    Let It Go Group: 541-575-0114

                    The Girlfriends (Women’s 12-Step Recovery): 541-620-0065

Community Counseling Solutions: 541-575-1644

David Romprey Oregon Warmline: 1-800-698-2392

Grant County Veterans Services: 541-575-1631

Chinese Medicine Clinic (meditation and yoga): 541-575-1011

Canyon Mountain Center (meditation and yoga): 415-748-8697 or 415-515-6316

Heart of Grant County: 541-575-4335 or 24/7 Hotline 541-620-1342

Strawberry Wilderness Clinic: 541-575-0404

Transportation – The People Mover: 541-575-2370

Blue Mountain Hospital: 541-575-1311

Families First Parent Resource Center: 541-575-1006

Department of Human Services Benefits and Assistance Programs

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): 541-575-0309

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): 541-575-0309

Oregon Help Plan (OHP): 541-575-0309

Childcare/Employment Related Care (ERDC): 541-575-0309

Department of Human Resources Volunteer Programs: 541-575-0728 ext. 240

Blue Mountain Hospital: 541-575-1311

Strawberry Wilderness Clinic: 541-575-0404

Grant County Health Department: 541-575-0429

John Day/Canyon City Parks and Recreation: 541-575-0110

Prairie Sky Center for the Arts: 541-620-3788

Eastern Oregon Trail Alliance

Oregon State Open Campus: 541-575-1911

Blue Mountain Community College: 541-575-1550

Stay in Touch

 Email: grantcountychic@gmail.com