Debi Hueckman

Dept. of Human Services, Community Development

Debi Hueckman has been working in community and resource development and managing the Oregon Department of Human Services Volunteer Program since 1993.  Over nearly three decades of social service work, Debi was instrumental in founding several programs and coalitions that continue in Grant County, including being one of founding board members of Families First Parent Resource Center.  In her position with DHS, Debi has collaborated with community partners inside and outside of Grant County.  She has served as a board member on a variety of non-profits and community coalitions over the years.  Today she serves as on the Community Advisory Council for Eastern Oregon Coordinator Care Organization, Grant County Community Health Improvement Coalition, Community Advisory Council for the City of John Day and Community Health Needs Council for Blue Mt. Hospital and  Project director for Grant County Safe Communities Coalition.  Debi particularly enjoys working with in the community to help people become healthy, safe and independent.  In her spare time, Debi and her family own and operate a coffee and retail shop and she loves most to spend time with family, especially grandkids!

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